Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Approaching Phase 2

Oh my, yet another year.  Not big on progress news are we.  Well, I have not been idle (except where blogging is concerned), and a lot has happened.  Let's start with a screenshot:

This is the current state of my experimental procedural modelling system, called 'Apparance'.  Here you can see a number of significant improvements over my initial prototype.  I have visual editing of the procedures, fairly advanced property editing panel, and a bigger list of operators to build with.  This represents the final stage of what I have come to call 'Phase 1'.  This is where I prove the first key element of my project; that of visual editing to drive procedural modelling.  I also wanted to take it to the point that it could stand up as a 'minimal viable product' that someone could play with without any need for tricks, manual hackery and workarounds.  I am considering releasing the binaries for people to play with to get some feedback and test the water a bit.  I've collected a few more pictures from its development history over the last year in an Apparance development gallery.
No promises when, but next time I'll talk about Phase 2...


  1. Very nice Sam. So when are you going to get the Spiral in there? Incidentally, it looks a bit like that in-game scripting tool that Elixir developed. I think farbrausch have something similar that they use for demo creations. Cool stuff.

  2. There you go: :)
    Barely any lighting model in my (real-time) engine, no surface properties either. Rendering is only a secondary goal to the procedural modelling.
    The AI editor at Elixir shares the procedural/hierarchical and data-flow nature of Apparance. The Farbrausch tool Werkzeug is stack based rather than true data-flow and focused on runtime editing rather than runtime generation so has slightly different strengths and weaknesses, but yet, a big inspiration. Apparance is greatly influenced by my time at Elixir and working with Totality and is an idea I've been thinking about since then. :)