Tuesday 13 December 2016

Future City: Update 10 - Progress Gallery

Not many words today, just a quick rundown of the new and improved aspects of the city.


A quick space-port/airport cobbled together from other city parts to just get rid of the last placeholder zones.
First pass aerospace district, the black will be landing areas for ships.


Time for some low level detailing, quickly knocked up and assembled a variety of simple small-scale park features; benches, bins, flowerbeds, huts, and a stepped plinth.  I even added a simple tree model that can be refined later.
Parks and recreation, now with 'furniture'
More green space in our cities

City Green Spaces

Plugging the park 'furniture' into the business district open spaces instantly improved the sense of scale.
Business district park areas, a nice spot for lunch
Adding a sense of scale to the large skyscrapers


My multi-celled apartment complexes and various street/terrace configurations lends to a nice residential area feel.
Residential areas, lots of apartments, terraces, and streets
Example street layout, with variable back-yard spaces

Detail Boost

Some time spent tweaking parameters and diagnosing detail problems has seen a nice boost in detail levels, meaning we can start to see the promise of the system even more.
Overview of various city zone types, now in even more detail
10 kilometres of city in view from on high


Now I'm finally going to get on to height variation and simple terrain modelling for the surroundings and green areas of the city…

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